Baby Ann Booklet

The Baby Ann Booklet was written by my late wife, Karen Gianotti, in 2009.  Actually she had written a number of “weeks” of the book for our parish bulletin and compiled them into the nine-month life cycle from the view of the newborn.

The booklet is formatted for double-side printing on an 8 1/2 x 11 inch page.  Print, then fold for the booklet.  Feel free to use this information, but give credit to a long-time pro-life advocate, Karen. She is missed.

We are about to revisit a most personal adventure. It is one we all took in days past but putting pop-psychology aside, one that we will not remember. Revisiting our forgotten past can be a very enlightening experience.

Our common story is as old as the stars, for that is when the essentials for life began. Freeman Dyson, physicist and Christian, put it in these words: “The more I examine the universe and the details of its architecture, the more evidence I find that the universe in some sense must have known we were coming.” A loving God prepared a place for us as a race. Piece after piece came together with such exacting tolerances that surely Devine Providence was at work. He loves us and wants us. He gives us good things. He gives us each other to love, cherish and give comfort. We mistreat His gifts shamelessly at times. He also prepared a safe place for each and every one of us to be nurtured as we prepared to join the outside world. We now abuse that gift beyond what any other generation could have dreamed.

Baby Ann Booklet
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