Adoption can be a difficult choice for some mothers.  Giving your child up for adoption does not make you a bad parent, but rather a loving one. You are still giving your child the gift of life, while ensuring that his or her life is nurtured in the best possible way.  Such a decision should be made not in haste, or out of fear, but only after careful consideration of your child’s best interest.  If you are thinking of giving your child up for adoption, there are counselors available to help you through the process and explain your options.

There are numerous agencies, including those listed below that can guide you in making the correct choice for you and your child.  Many couples and families are looking to adopt.  Remember, even if you cannot provide your child with the care he or she deserves, there is someone out there who is willing and able to do so.  Your child is not unwanted!


Catholic Charities Pregnancy and Adoption Services
940 Broadway, Gary, IN 46402
(219) 886-3549


Kirsh & Kirsh Adoptions
2930 E. 96th St., Indianapolis, IN 46240


Adoptions and Family Support Network
1834 45th Avenue, Munster, IN 46321
(219) 924-2600 or (219) 689-6789


Will I be able to stay in contact with my child?

Adoption has become much more open in recent decades, with more and more children maintaining a relationship with their biological parents.  The technological age we live in makes in very easy for communication between parent and child, via email, cell phone, skype, etc. Some parents even visit their children regularly.

In addition, Indiana passed a law last year, which opens adoption records that were finalized before January 1, 1994.  Senate Enrolled Act (SEA) 91 was signed by former Governor and current Vice President Mike Pence in March 2016.  The law grants rights to adopted children trying to trace their heritage, while protecting the privacy of biological parents in accordance with their wishes.  “I want Indiana to be known as the most pro-adoption state in America and SEA 91 will give greater clarity and compassion to our adoption laws.” –former Governor Mike Pence


How much will it cost to put my baby up for adoption?

Nothing. Zero. Any fees are usually paid by the adoptive parents.  The biological mother is able to go through the process without any expense.  Some states even provide financial assistance for the mother-to-be on costs such as rent, groceries, and clothes. The biggest part of the mother’s responsibility is helping to find the right family for her child.


How can I be sure my child will be cared for in his adoptive family?

This is a question any mother would have. Most agencies have a screening process that includes home studies and/or background checks.  Also, many mothers are given the opportunity to get to know the adoptive family prior to making a decision.  The mother can spend ample time with the family if she chooses, as well as keep in constant contact.  All of this can be done before the baby’s birth, or even before the mother commits to the family, so there is no pressure!


Choosing the right agency

Sometimes mothers may need to shop around to find the right agency.  Many agencies will consult with mothers-to-be without any fee.  Before finding the right family, it may be necessary to find the agency that is best suited to individual needs and preferences.  Be sure it is one that is trustworthy and reputable.

Unfortunately, there are some places, such as Planned Parenthood, that are more willing to convince mothers to terminate their pregnancies.  Women who go into Planned Parenthood are much more likely to be sold an abortion than given an adoption referral. According to its own statistics, Planned Parenthood performed 327,653 abortions compared with just 1,880 adoption referrals during the 2013-2014 year.  That is 174 abortions for every adoption referral!



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